Hallo, Deutschland!

We are excited to be ministering with a great team in Starnberg, Germany, right outside of Munich. Thank you to everyone who is taking this journey with us.

Photo by John Morgan

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The Power of Persistent Prayer

focus-broadcastJohn was honored to speak with Jim Daly and John Fuller of Focus on the Family about the Power of Persistent Prayer. He shared his own story of his struggle with his vision, how his book Your 100 Day Prayer came together, seeing God in the eye of the storm, New York on 9/11, and much more.

Prayer Requests

Starnberg Fellowship

Starnberg Fellowship

Starnberg Fellowship (SF) is a Christ-centred church, glorifying Christ and encouraging each other to live…

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Our Projects

Theology Mix

Theology Mix is a theology and culture blog on church life, culture, and theological debate, from Christian Apologetics and Biblical Interpretation, to church leadership development, to music, art, literature, and baseball, with contributors of all ages and theological backgrounds.

Your 100 Day Prayer

When the need is so great, so seemingly impossible that only God’s direct intervention will ever bring it about, it takes a different kind of prayer. The Bible says we are to ask and then ask again. Over and over. Day in. Day out. Your 100 Day Prayer is designed to take you straight to the heart and will of God by seeking him for a specific need.

Deer Park Avenue

Deer Park Avenue is Sarah and Stephanie’s rock band. They won the Hard Rock Rising, Washington D.C., battle of the bands and are voting members of the Recording Academy (GRAMMYs) in the Washington D.C. Chapter. Their new self-titled album is due out this fall.

Christmas Pageant

The Real Meaning of Christmas is a fun, lively, joy-filled, and incredibly easy Christmas pageant for all ages—for churches, youth groups, schools, families, homeschool groups, and many others. With this simple, hassle-free, and fun-filled Christmas pageant, your Christmas just got easier.