the-snydersOur family has a heart for Europe. We’ve been blessed to start two churches in Switzerland and we’ve recently received a call to work with a growing church in Starnberg, Germany, located right outside of Munich. In Germany, I will be serving as Missionary Pastor to Starnberg Fellowship. For more on our family, listen to an interview we did with Scott McCausey of Christian Devotions Speak Up here.

Here’s a little bit about the fellowship…

Starnberg Fellowship (SF) is a Christ-centred church, glorifying him and encouraging each other to live out their faith in a real way according to the Bible. A growing English-speaking Christian community in the Starnberg area with about ten families, SF began in 2007 as a lay church made up of native English-speakers (ex-pats) in the Munich area as well as local residents looking for an English-speaking faith community. As is common for an ex-pat church, they have a constant flow of people coming in and out of their doors.

starnberger-seeStarnberg Fellowship meets “to honour and glorify our Lord and Saviour Jesus.” On Sundays, they come together to celebrate God together in music, in exploring the Bible, and in prayer. Children meet to learn about God in children’s church. They also meet during the week to encourage and build each another up.

SF holds regular prayer meetings, but in keeping with being innovative in a dynamic environment, they have used Google Hangouts for prayer meetings. They regularly contribute to Young Life and to Care in Action, an NGO.

Through God’s grace and dependence on his Holy Spirit, the Snyder family hopes to come alongside the ministry team and continue to build on the strong foundation laid by the leadership of the church. Through prayer, God’s help, and ministering with others in this great Fellowship, and in keeping with their Values Statement, our goal is by five years to have a Christ-centered, outreach-oriented, friendship-focused healthy, growing congregation with 200 people (adults, youth, and children) in attendance.

Additionally, the church seeks to meet community needs and provide services not currently being offered, particularly befriending ex-pats, many of whom suffer from loneliness and severe depression due to feelings of isolation.

Shirin Snyder will continue to work as Missionary Pastor Snyder’s administrative assistant.

Sarah and Stephanie Snyder will be worship leaders, helping to build the worship team for SF.



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